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Contact B5 and tell them we said HI! Fan Club The B5 Offical International Fan Club P.O. Box 5248 Bellingham,WA 98227 Email them at: Okay, Enough of The "Fan Club Addresses" Time for the REAL Stuff. Oh Yea, Remember were you got this from and tell a friend about us! B5's fan voice mail u can call and listen to them speak or whatever is:1-856-357-4073...Might not be on anymore..Sorry Their Email Addresses are: And Also and at Do you go on the B5Chat??? If so, their names are Dustin_B5Online, Kelly_B5Online, Patrick_B5Online, Carnell_B5Online and LilBryan_B5Online. Not Dizzy_B5Online, not Kellz_B5Online or Pat_B5Online ~justb5